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Best-in-Class High-Speed Color Inkjet Printer

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Your business is ready for explosive growth.

Printed materials for business require quick turnaround and superior accuracy, and must meet high quality standards in a highly cost-efficient manner. You need a machine that not only delivers high-speed printing at a high level of quality, but a machine that can operate continuously, allows you to produce a broad range of materials and publications, and makes it easy for you to intelligently manage a host of jobs.
RISO satisfies all of these needs—and more—with the GL Series.

Welcome to a higher level of productivity.

GL Series printers are unparalleled in the industry, handling high-volume printing at 165 pages per minute.* They offer impressive reliability that belies their compact stature. And they have the flexibility to handle short-run transactional printing.
*Available on ComColor GL9730, A4 long-edge feed.
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Experience increased uptime, production, and efficiency.

Select one of our dedicated post-printing finisher units to create the machine configuration that best suits your needs and maximizes the value of GL Series printers’ high speed. Employing a finisher unit enables the automation of the entire process, from printing through post-printing.
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Low environmental impact

No heat is used during the print-imaging stage, which means that less electricity is required.
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Production Printing Solutions

RISO provides a wide range of production print solutions with its unique inkjet technology, using a heatless printing process with oil-based ink to bring you a winning solution in the highly competitive production printing environment.
Production Printing Case Study
Customer success stories empowered by RISO's production printing solutions.
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Production Printer
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Unique Inkjet Technology and
Cold, Dry, Flat Output

As a world leader in providing high-efficiency printing performance, we focus on making a difference in how your office functions with our state-of-the-art products.
RISO Inkjet Printer Technologies
RISO’s proprietary inkjet technologies based on oil-based pigment ink offer heatless imaging for outstanding performance in handling the demands of high-volume printing.
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ComColor FT Series
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