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Inkjet Printer

RISO’s proprietary inkjet technologies based on
oil-based pigment ink offer heatless imaging for outstanding performance in handling the demands of high-volume printing.

RISO’s proprietary technology offers
heatless imaging resulting in
outstanding performance, and handle
the demanding needs of high
production environments.

FORCEJET Inkjet Technology

  • High‑speed printing technology

    RISO’s inkjet printers are capable of high-speed, full-color printing using inkjet technology primarily designed for industrial applications. The print heads are arranged in parallel for single-pass printing on A3/Ledger short-edge paper. The ComColor GD Series prints at 160 ppm for A4/letter simplex printing. Also, the VALEZUS T2100 prints at 320 ppm for A4/letter duplex printing.

  • Rapid and stable paper feeding

    Rapid and stable paper feeding

    The straight-path paper feeding system delivers paper horizontally to enable high-speed printing with minimal offset. FORCEJET technology ensures an optimal paper feed that matches the amount of ink emitted from the ink heads.

  • High‑speed printing ink

    High?speed printing ink

    RISO‘s inkjet printers use proprietary oil-based pigment ink. The ink dries quickly and prevents paper deformation, making it ideal for high-speed printing.

Features of proprietary oil‑based ink

No paper cockling* or curling

With oil-based ink, paper does not absorb ink moisture after printing. Therefore oil-based ink does not cause paper ripples or wrinkles owing to moisture. This means that oil-based ink ensures high-speed output and ensures the paper will remain straight without deformity over time.
*Cockling is the distortion of paper by way of ripples or wrinkles caused by the absorption of water in the ink.

  • Mechanism of paper deformation

    Mechanism of paper deformation
  • Paper left a while after printing

    • RISO oil-based ink
      RISO oil-based ink
      Paper does not deform after printing
    • General water-based ink
      General water-based ink
      Paper curls a while after the water-based ink dries.
  • Stable output quality

    Stable output quality

    RISO’s proprietary oil-based pigment ink is prevented from penetrating to the back side of the paper, to realize duplex printing at high speed in stable output quality.

  • Water and light‑resistant

    Water and light?resistant

    RISO’s proprietary oil-based pigment ink does away with bleeding when writing on printed documents with water-based pens. The ink also displays excellent light-resistance to prevent fading. Therefore, this ink is suitable for documents stored for a long time.

  • Efficient, productive printing

    Efficient, productive printing

    With RISO oil-based pigment ink, there is no ink head cap and the frequency of head cleaning is low. Therefore, high volume printing by RISO inkjet printers is efficient, requiring less time.

  • In‑line post processing

    In?line post processing

    After printing, paper can immediately enter post-processing even though the RISO inkjet printer has no heater to dry ink. Post-processing such as collating, and binding are smoothly performed.

Heatless imaging process

  • Cold‑printing system

    Cold?printing system

    RISO’s heatless inkjet imaging process does not require a cooling system to deal with toner or dry ink on the paper. No heat means lower power consumption per sheet reducing energy requirements and lowering CO2 emissions.

  • No toner and Small footprint

    No toner and Small footprint

    RISO inkjet printers are unlike toner machines as there is no toner dust that rises during printing. Also the compact design results in the smallest production printing at an economical initial cost and small footprint.

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