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The production print market is ever changing, with an increasing need for flexibility, quick turnaround and profitability. VALEZUS products deliver outstanding productivity and cost-effectiveness in a small footprint. They offer a unique opportunity to meet volume requirements that cannot be handled by other printing technologies.
RISO's innovative production inkjet solutions that will rise to your challenges.

High Productivity in a Small-Footprint

The VALEZUS T2200 achieves a print speed of 330 duplex pages per minute* by connecting the two high speed print engines. The VALEZUS T1200 has a single engine that delivers a print speed of 165 simplex pages per minute*.
RISO's high-speed inkjet printing technology enables VALEZUS to maximize productivity within a small footprint.
* A4 long-edge feed

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Core Technology Supporting Production Press

The VALEZUS printing press utilizes a line-type Inkjet print head which permits printing of the full width of the printed sheet in a single pass.
RISO has further developed its proprietary oil-based pigment ink for enhanced output with the VALEZUS. The water and light resistant five-color inks deliver high-definition color print with stability of the image on the sheet.

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Continuous High-Volume Printing

The VALEZUS T2200 is equipped with two 4,000-sheet feeding trays and stackers.
* Loading capacity varies depending on the paper. The VALEZUS T1200 has a single 4,000-sheet feeder and a stacker.

Continuous high-volume printing image

Easy Handling, Installation and Maintenance

The VALEZUS boasts a compact footprint for its incredible output speed. VALEZUS can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption and cost.
It has no mechanism for drying printed paper inside the machine, which simplifies the paper transport path and reduces the number of parts.

VALEZUS easy handling, installation and maintenance

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VALEZUS Products

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The VALEZUS T2200 allows you to achieve productivity levels typical of many high end printing devices whilst retaining the versatility of a cutsheet inkjet digital press. You can print up to 330 A4 pages per minute in mono or full color.

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VALEZUS T1200, a compact production printer achieving one of the very highest productivity figures in its class. Its flexibility offers fast and easy print job changeover, with the benefits of cutsheet output.

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