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RISO Genuine Ink

RISO consistently develops and manufactures its own products and provides quality ink to customers.

RISO implements strict quality control in the development and manufacturing processes of printers and ink to ensure that customers can obtain the best possible printing materials.
RISO is a member of the Printing Ink Manufacturers Association of Japan (PIAJ), and has established strict proprietary standards for the selection of ink raw materials, considering hundreds of different formulations, the safety of our customers, and environmental impact.
In addition, RISO carefully remove impurities from the ink production process and conducts periodic sampling inspections of the ink it produces to maintain stable quality.
If Non-RISO ink is used, there may be cases where problems occur at a customer's site because impurities have not been completely removed and the print quality has not been sufficiently inspected.
RISO confidently recommends RISO genuine ink to customers to ensure stable printing and a safe operating environment.

For stable printer operation

Uniquely developed ink

RISO genuine ink enables RISO's Inkjet printers to deliver the high productivity of high-volume, high-speed printing that is the performance of the product itself.
For example, the quality of the ink is always maintained so that the ink can be sprayed out correctly from the fine nozzles of the print head, which applies the ink to the paper.
This minimizes printing problems, e.g. uneven density and provides high productivity.

RISO Inkjet printers provide maximum performance due to the best combination of quality-controlled inks and unique software, and the hardware for high-speed paper transport and printing.
If lesser-quality ink is used, the printer, especially the print head and other components, as well as resulting print quality may not perform as it is built to.

Persistence to quality of ink

Reliability of RISO genuine ink

RISO genuine ink is a combination of several oils with different properties, which ensure stable ink quality and high print quality in a wide range of user environments, whether in cold climates or in areas with everlasting summer temperatures.
For this reason, RISO Inkjet printers are widely used in governmental and other public offices for printing documents that require long-term preservation.
RISO genuine ink is made from materials best suited to the high speed printing of RISO Inkjet printers, and is manufactured after a number of inspections and trials at our own quality-controlled production facilities.

RISO has been manufacturing ink based on its accumulated know-how since 1954, when it developed Japan's first emulsion ink.
RISO has been striving to improve the quality of its Inkjet ink for nearly 20 years.
RISO's products are used by customers in over 190 countries and regions around the world in a variety of environments, certifying to the reliability of its products.

For a safe printing environment

Safety materials of RISO genuine ink

RISO sets its own special procurement standards and procures safe materials from suppliers in order to ensure that customers can use RISO genuine ink with no concerns.
RISO uses only materials that have passed strict quality and compatibility checks with printers from the beginning of their development.
In addition, the chemical substances used are also selected and procured strictly in accordance with international standards.

About the provision of Safety Data Sheets
RISO discloses and provides customers with Safety Data Sheets that demonstrate safety, including information on chemical substances contained in RISO genuine inks, which can be checked at any time.

Printing Environment Conscious

RISO genuine ink uses selected materials to reduce the emission of VOCs* .
The RISO Inkjet printer is a unique combination of printer and ink which reduces VOC* emissions, lowers environmental impact over the product’s lifecycle, and saves energy.
As a result, it has been certified with some of the world’s leading and strictest environmental labels.
In addition, RISO Inkjet printers do not have a photosensor, so they do not generate heat during printing or produce ozone like toner printers such as electrophotographic printers.

*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
VOCs are emitted from a range of products and are subject to increasingly strict laws around the world.

RISO has obtained various certifications.