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Empowering Schools with RISO

Even in this digital age, paper and printing is still indispensable in the process of learning and teaching. We at RISO have been dedicating our passion for innovation to improving the educational environment since the company’s establishment. Our goal is to provide quality education to children throughout the world and this can be accomplished through our solutions.

RISO in the Education Sector

Supporting teachers with our innovations

RISO founder Noboru Hayama was keen to aid teachers in the field of education. He wanted to assist the teachers/staff in schools who struggled with printing the educational materials they used in the classroom.

In 1977 RISO developed the first-generation digital duplicator “RISOGRAPH 007,” bringing high speed, low cost printing to the education field. This achievement dramatically changed the school work environment. Subsequently RISO developed the high-speed, full-color inkjet printer “ComColor” series in 2003. ComColor enabled schools to print materials in affordable color. Color learning materials impart richer understanding to students. RISO supports schools in providing quality educational materials with our stand-alone innovation and technology.

Schools use RISO products to print textbooks, workbooks and worksheets,learning support materials of every kind, notices and letters of all sorts, exams and so on...

RISO’s Contribution in Education

Here you may view how our primary products RISOGRAPH and ComColor are utilized in the field of education throughout the world.

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